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Patients Reviews

"After feeling defeated in a different county I went online and was referred to Dr Reider."

Self Verified Patient
"I attended an Afib seminar given by Dr. Rieder and knew immedately that I needed to look no further. He actually listened and discussed my care with me."

Self Verified Patient
"Dr. Rieders and his staff are very professional and extremely helpful."

Self Verified Patient
"Thank - you so much Dr. Reiders for your service of excellence and longer life for mom!"

Self Verified Patient

Dr. Rieders from day one has been amazing to work with, he genuinely cares for the patient and treats you like a human not a number. His approach is gentle yet he digs deep to get to the root of your illness. His number one goal is for you to heal and have you move on to enjoy your best life. Both of his assistant’s Riza and Nila are wonderful.

Aurora K. | Apr 18, 2024

I wrote a review over a year ago, so to update my thoughts on Dr. Rieders I am say that he is still the best cardiologist I have ever seen. He got to the root of my high blood pressure and for over a year now my MAP is under 90. If you don't know what MAP is ask him.

Jeanne B. | Mar 31, 2024

Dr. Rieders provides me with his keen knowledge of new scientific breakthroughs in a caring way that has brought profound changes and improvements to my quality of life.

Lee E. | Oct 17, 2023

Dr. Rieders saved my life. He introduced me to integrated heart healthcare years ago and to this day shows me how to incorporate exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental and emotional balance. Healthier heart, happier life. Deepest gratitude.

Mike A. | Aug 08, 2023

So far, so good. I still have yet to have my first official consult with Dr. Rieders but our initial one went well. I really hope he is able to help me and get me back my life. Dr. Rieders was caring and listened to me at our initial consult and I felt his genuine care. Also, his secretary Riza is amazing!

Patricia C. | Jun 26, 2023

Dr. Reiders and his office staff are cordial and quick to respond. Dr. Reiders is a brilliant physician and critical thinker… treating not just symptoms or condition, but truly integrating mind and body. He has a comprehensive and thorough approach to cardiac health and overall wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Reiders.

R L. | May 15, 2023

Dr, Rieders is very knowledgable and helpful about a wide variety of health issues and solutions. He definitely thinks out of the box. I finish every appointment with a smile on my face because he's so positive and supportive.

Sue M. | Apr 04, 2023

Dr. Reiders made a lot of sense. It was great that he really listens and has lots of good questions for the patient.

LAWRENCE C. | Apr 03, 2023