When you’re suffering serious illness or pain, it helps to seek connectedness to your spiritual self. At Peninsula Integrative Cardiology, Daniel Rieders, MD, FACC, FHRS, CCDS, IFMCP, uses his training as a shaman to complement cutting-edge medical therapies and promote healing and wellness. Call the San Ramon, California, office to set up an appointment online and learn more or use this website to reach out.

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What is spiritual medicine?

Medicine and spirituality have a strong connection. Suffering an illness can cause you to contemplate your meaning and purpose and alter your relationship with the world. As you age and experience disease, spirituality becomes that much more critical.

Your mind and psyche have an important impact on your health. What you hear and how you listen impact your decisions and choices, including those focusing on your wellbeing.

Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions have a powerful effect on the chemistry and physiology of your body and cells.

Spiritual medicine considers how your beliefs, faith, and connections to the world affect your health. A spiritual medicine approach helps you believe in your care and purpose in the world.

How do you deliver spiritual medicine?

Dr. Rieders completed shamanic training and certification at the Light Body School. As an advanced shamanic practitioner, he can help your healing move forward in ways not available with conventional medical therapy.

With the combined medical scientist, doctor, coach, and shaman training, Dr. Rieders offers a novel approach to your wellness.

What are the benefits of spiritual medicine?

A strong spirituality affects your overall sense of wellbeing and faith in care. Your quality of healing improves as a result. When you come in for treatment, you’re treated as a divine-human being rather than a collection of symptoms and bodily systems.

Spiritual medicine hones the gut-brain axis, your immune system, and hormones. The spiritual approach helps you adopt healthy lifestyle practices, like prayer, breathing, and meditation. Spiritual medicine makes the entire healing process more meaningful.

Spiritual medicine practices also help you refine your environment to boost your health. Your environment includes where you live, who you live with, and your life’s purpose.

Spiritual medicine can also help you establish a closer connection to your faith and seek forgiveness of yourself or others.

To learn how spiritual medicine can enhance your healing and help you feel more confident in your care, contact Peninsula Integrative Cardiology today. Reach out to the friendly staff via phone or through this website. They’re happy to arrange telehealth or in-person consultation for you.