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When Should You Consider Medical Weight Loss?

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You may wonder if you should keep trying to manage your weight loss by yourself. Learn about when medical weight loss is worth consideration.

You may struggle with making the efforts to lose weight, like following a healthy diet and getting more exercise. You keep trying, hoping you’ll eventually see the results you’re striving to reach. It may feel exhausting, but you want it to pay off.

Sometimes, you may make these changes and you don’t see the expected results, which can happen for many different reasons. It’s not uncommon to put in the effort and not get your anticipated results. Dr. Daniel Rieders of Peninsula Integrative Medicine explains when you should consider medical assistance with weight loss.

Why you should seek help

If you think you need help with losing weight, it’s essential to seek assistance. You may feel like you’ve made an attempt to lose weight and haven’t seen good results, so you may try to make peace with being heavier than you want.

Obesity is not only a number or a measure of how much you weigh. It’s a condition that can have consequences for your health. Some obesity consequences include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Breathing problems, including sleep apnea and asthma
  • Joint problems, including osteoarthritis
  • Gallbladder disease

These conditions that may result from obesity can negatively impact your quality of life. The reason that you want to get your weight under control is to improve your quality of life in many ways positively.

How to sustainably lose weight

The biggest problem most people run into with weight loss is that they may lose the weight initially, but they regain the weight later when they return to their former lifestyle habits. 

Medical weight loss aims to promote healthy, sustainable weight loss with a doctor’s help. Medical weight loss may be more likely to produce lasting results and sustainable change that won’t leave you susceptible to regaining weight.

Dr. Rieders helps you lose weight because he looks at your body holistically. He creates customized plans for individuals considering their lifestyle, psychological conditions, physical health, medications, and preferences.

You won’t be stuck with a diet you can’t follow or an exercise plan you don’t enjoy. Dr. Rieders takes each patient into account to develop weight-loss guidelines that will work to produce lasting results.

Benefits of medical weight loss

Losing weight isn’t just about looking better. It’s about the many ways it enhances every aspect of your life, including the following benefits:

  • More energy
  • Less body fat
  • Low risk of chronic disease
  • Better muscle definition and improved contours
  • Increased strength to do daily tasks
  • Improved self-confidence

Losing weight has so many benefits for you. You’ll feel better physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. 

In addition, you’ll also substantially reduce your risks of the critical consequences of obesity.

If you need help losing weight, call or request an appointment online today with Dr. Rieders at Peninsula Integrative Medicine in Palo Alto, California.