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How Telemedicine Works

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Getting the medical care you need is easier than ever before thanks to telemedicine. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about telehealth.

People put off going to the doctor for so many reasons. Maybe their schedule is too busy to accommodate driving to and from their doctor’s office, or they’re too ill to travel. Or perhaps they fear bad news. But whatever the reason, if you have a medical concern, it’s important to seek care.

Fortunately, getting that care can be more convenient than you might imagine. At Peninsula Integrative Cardiology in Palo Alto, California, Daniel Rieders, MD, FACC, FHRS, CCDS, IFMCP offers telehealth services. This means you can connect with Dr. Rieders via phone or video call, making it safe and easy to get the care you need. 

Before you book a telemedicine appointment, you might wonder what to expect. Let’s take a look at what you need to know. 

You skip the drive and the waiting room

With a telehealth appointment, you can see Dr. Rieders while keeping as much of your day free as possible. You don’t need to worry about making the trip to our office or sitting in our waiting room (although we always try to limit that time). 

Instead, you need to be available via your computer, smartphone, or tablet at the appointed time. You can connect with Dr. Rieders from any location that’s convenient for you, whether that’s your office, a room with your kids, or your sickbed. 

Preventing the spread of illness

Telemedicine became increasingly common during the pandemic — and for a good reason. One of the top reasons Dr. Rieders has chosen to offer telehealth services is because they can help to limit the spread of infectious conditions

If you’re living with a cardiological condition, you likely make continual strides to keep yourself as healthy as possible. That means sitting in a doctor’s office, where people may have contagious conditions, probably isn’t very high on your to-do list.

By offering telehealth care, Dr. Rieders can check in with you, monitor your progress, and fine-tune your treatment program, all without you needing to leave a setting that feels safe to you. 

The care you can get via telemedicine

A telehealth appointment presents a safe and convenient way to talk with Dr. Rieders about any questions or concerns you may have. But he can do more than that, too. 

With a telemedicine appointment, Dr. Rieders can:

  • Monitor your medication and prescribe new or adjusted medications
  • Recommend care for acute conditions like the cold or flu
  • Review the diagnostic and lab tests with you
  • Keep tabs on and support your medical weight loss program
  • Monitor your health on an ongoing basis

After your appointment, Dr. Rieders uses our secure email and text message functionalities to send care recommendations and follow up with you. 

In some cases, he may also recommend that you use a remote device that allows him to continually monitor your health in real-time wherever you are. 

Ultimately, thanks to the latest technology, getting the regular healthcare you need can be more comfortable and convenient than ever. To schedule your telemedicine visit, call our office, or book it online today.