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How Shamanic Therapy Can Enhance Your Healing

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Shamanic healing is an ancient form of advanced therapy that can provide phenomenal results.

Perhaps you might be unfamiliar with shamanic healing practices. These are some of the oldest healing techniques, as they work with the energy shared between two people.

Some people are largely unaware of the significance of energy and how much it can affect our physical, emotional, and mental health.  Shamanic healing may be the solution if you feel chronically “stuck” or can’t improve.

Shamanic healers are those who use their energy to heal others. It heals blockages that are keeping you stuck. If this sounds appealing to you, Dr. Daniel Rieders, MD, FACC, FHRS, CCDS, IFMCP, offers this form of spiritual medicine

What is shamanic healing?

Often, people may seek healing from conventional sources and find little luck until being intuitively guided to one, perhaps only as a last resort.

This curiosity is what opens up the world of healing yourself. You can find true relief from physical and emotional symptoms when you open your mind to the different healing possibilities. For example, imagine if you could heal your anxiety — permanently!

Shamanic healing is often used as a holistic treatment in conjunction with other therapies. As your treatment always seeks harmony between your mind, body, and spirit, you may have shamanic treatment in conjunction with other treatments, such as antidepressants or ketamine therapy.

Conditions helped by shamanic healing

Many people are on long healing journeys. They may seek treatment from various specialists yet fail to find true relief.

Some of the conditions that shamanic healing may help include the following:


  • Stomach or digestive ailments
  • Fatigue, especially if it’s chronic
  • ADD/Autism
  • Illnesses that seem especially premature, such as a young person with a stroke or dementia

You may seek several forms of healing at once, including shamanic healing, traditional Chinese medicine, and chiropractic care.

What a shamanic healing is like

It’s generally best to come in a relaxed state of mind. If you’re anxious when you arrive, the healing process may take longer. There’s no reason to feel worried.

Here, practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga can benefit you.

Shamanic healing sessions are generally short, 15-30 minutes, although some sessions last up to an hour. Often, these get repeated in groups of three over days or weeks and may get repeated further if necessary.  Many people find complete relief and don’t need to come back again.

You prepare to have the blockages removed from your energy, and the healer exchanges 

energy with you, a service given as a gift to help all of society.

Why shamanic healing does not conflict with religion

A shamanic healing session doesn’t conflict with any religion, as it doesn’t require any belief other than the possibility that it exists. That first curiosity leads you to open your mind enough to consider the mere possibility that you could get healed, but most religions include a belief in this.

If you’re considering getting a shamanic healing, contact Dr. Daniel Rieders at Peninsula Integrative Cardiology in San Ramon, California, through one of various ways: requesting an appointment by phone, online, or even by FaceTime.